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The Collection

With the starting point in everyday life, we have created a collection that will suit the basic needs for storage. Our collection stores everything from small items to laundry, and consists of 10 unique styles suited to fit contemporary life.

Unique & handmade

Our baskets are made to last, and every product is unique. With love of everyday life, and respect for the original craftsmanship, we have created a product range with no compromises.

Made from natural ash, the wood is alive and will change with the seasons.

The small spacings between the ash strips give the baskets a lightness and vary across the basket to reflect the light from the surroundings. Lillerød baskets are flexible yet sturdy and meant to store everything from cotton buds to wood for the fireplace.

Handwoven by people who take pride in their work

Our baskets are individual works of art made by Danish citizens with special needs. When taking upon the challenge to restart the production, we were determined to produce in a way that would provide value and give pride to people.

Using the talents of people with special needs in Denmark allow us to make baskets with a unique finish and quality, and at the same time, do what we have done for centuries: Provide meaning and a way of living for people, who need it the most.