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Handmade since 1890

In 1890 the Johansson family emigrated from the south of Sweden to the small town of Lillerød 40 km outside Copenhagen. They established Lillerød basket factory, hoping to spread their love of the baskets to the citizens of Denmark, and to find a community in the small town. They succeeded in both.

The philosophy was to create beautiful and useful objects for everyday use, only by means of the materials that the woods provided.

For many years the factory provided a living for the family and their friends and was the focus point for the life and love of generations.

In 1970 the family had to acknowledge that the use of plastic bags had outgrown the baskets as means of transportation, and the production was discontinued until now.

Recreating design heritage

In 2016 Lillerød was reestablished by Lisbeth Kamstrup-Holm and her father. The Johanssons were friends of Lisbeth's grandparents, back in Lillerød, and one day, Lisbeth came across a book written by Per-Olof Johansson describing the history of the baskets.

Amazed with the story, the products, and the people, she was determined that the heritage and the beauty of the products should not be lost for the future. Together with her father, she took herself upon the task of bringing the products back to life.

The purpose of Lillerød today is to reestablish and maintain the heritage of the beautiful baskets - A craft that would otherwise be lost for the future. The philosophy today is the same as it was then; to combine the beautiful crafts with the need of everyday life in a basket that will follow you through life.

Updated for 
contemporary life

While the philosophy of the baskets has been kept, the quality and the finishing details have been updated to create baskets that have a quality and a finish matching the fine and carefully crafted furniture of old Danish woodworking companies. Unlike many baskets on the market, the Lillerød baskets are thus closed by a solid edge in the top leaving a unique and beautiful finishing to the weave.

Whereas old-time baskets were usually made of pine wood, today's baskets have been updated to pure natural ash of the highest quality. The material of each basket is unique and alive, leaving no basket alike but the quality consistent across the collection.